Triple Pad® Classic Triple Pad MaX™ Carpet Plume
Crash pad

/// 3 movements !

Boulder, pack up and go..

The Triple Pad ® was born in Fontainebleau in 1995.

It is the only one with three hinged pads that fold out accordion style, converts into a comfortable seat.

The Triple Pad ® is efficient, compact and lightweight :

  • 1-Efficient
  • The materials used give a great lightness and excellent cushioning. The design without sharp angle limits the fragility to rubbing.
  • 2-Compact
  • The pad folds up into a narrow package, easing transportation. 2 Triple Pad Classic will fit into the trunk of a Smart car!
  • 3-Lightweight
  • The Triple Pad ® are always among the most lightweight, to equivalent size

    The tri-fold design allows to rest on an amazing crag seat...

conception&photos : J+F Montchaussé ©2019/// registered pattern and mark /// e-mail :

designed in Fontainebleau
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