FriXion+® BRUSH

FriXion +

Brush the climbing holds became a natural thing, whether in a gym or outdoor. The holds may be dusty, sandy, covered with too much magnesia, and brushing is needed to improve the friction and gripping. Brush well, for a better bouldering!

The FriXion + ® brush is particularly suitable for cleaning slopers, wether indoor or outdoor. It is fabricated with boar's silks, the best natural material to optimize brushing without aggressiveness for the rock. The handle is wooden to preserve environment.

Also think of the climbers who will follow you on your favorite problems, they will appreciate that you have cleaned up the excesses of chalk, ticks and the marks of your passage.


  • Length: 25 cm
  • Widht: 2 cm
  • Materials: Wooden brush and black wild boar bristle
  • Laser logo printing
  • 7 mm hole for adding string loop
  • Adaptable to the TRIPLE TUBE™ pole

Retail price: €8.40